Sport Wraparound Sunglasses

In the hot summer months, the stores are packed with great ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. You can get a sunscreen with an SPF of all the way up to 55. There are sun umbrellas, bathing suits with built-in sun protection, wide-brimmed hats and the list goes on. But what about protecting your eyes? It should come as no surprise that the same harmful rays that damage skin and can lead to skin cancer also have an effect on the eyes. Sunglasses are not only a way to shield your vision from sun glare, they also filter out harmful UV rays that can lead to cornea damage. If you’re an outdoor sports fanatic, sport wraparound sunglasses offer the ultimate in vision protection with minimal effects on visibility.

Tag Heuer Sport Wraparound Sunglasses

Sport wraparound sunglasses offer a secure-fitting way to shield your eyes from sun glare, block stray UV rays from entering through gaps above and on the side of the glasses, as with traditional sunglasses, and they look fabulous, too! These glasses are designed with an active outdoors fanatic in mind. They fit close to the face, allowing minimal stray rays from affecting vision, and the arms wrap securely behind the ear so the wearer doesn’t need to worry about the glasses falling off during a beach volley ball game.

Cyclists, runners, and basketball players would agree that sport wraparound sunglasses are the best way to securely protect their eyes without sacrificing visibility. This is because the lenses of these sunglasses come specially tinted to highlight important features of your sport. For example, rose or amber lenses are a popular choice for avid skiers. They dim the reflection of the sun off the slopes and enhance the color of soft gray shadows signifying bumps and ridges on the slope. Multipurpose lenses are also available, and some brand-name manufacturers offer changeable lenses for people involved in many sports.

Oakley Mens Wraparound Sunglasses

Sport wraparound sunglasses come in a variety of styles that offer the ultimate in eye protection. They are specially designed with the active sportsman in mind. Investing in protection for your eyes is a crucial part of preserving healthy eyesight. It’s as important as protecting your skin, hydrating your body and warming up your muscles before the big game. You wouldn’t dare run a marathon without considering those items, so be good to your eyes too. And with a large selection of attractive frame styles available, you just might find yourself buying a pair for every day of the week.