Plus Size Clothing Shopping Tips

Have A WOW Collection Of Clothes

Don’t ever think for even one moment that just because you are not stick thin that you can look fabulous and sexy with your plus size body. Thin is not in; this is unhealthy and there are not too many people who look glamorous and sexy while their bones are sticking out of their bodies. You’ve heard it before and listen again: embrace your body! Plus size clothing shopping tips can help you choose pieces that will form into a great collection of clothes. Do you think you can’t wear a mini skirt? Think again! Our plus size clothing shopping tips will show you all you need to know.

There is so much to talk about, where are we going to find the space? Let’s begin with your perception of yourself. Does just the thought of wanting to read plus size clothing shopping tips make you feel ashamed that you are not a size two? Take that thought and throw it away! Did you know that Marylynn Monroe was a size fourteen? Look at Queen Latifia, look at Oprah, look at women around you who are not stick thin but look “absolutely fabulous”! You can easily get together a get collection of clothes, so that you not only look pulled together and sexy, but that you feel comfortable, as well. Our plus size clothing shopping tips will show you how.

Stylish Plus Size Clothing

Stylish Plus Size Clothing

Let’s talk about color. You may have heard this before, but let us reemphasize. Solid colors will make you look sleeker.. Keep in mind, the object is not to look stick thin. You have a plus size body, there are many men who prefer a woman with curves and you are a beautiful person. Not only do you have beauty on the outside that can be enhanced with the right clothes, you have beauty on the inside! Do you help friends in need? Do you volunteer? Are you particularly good at your job? Do you make a killer pasta dish? Do you like hiking? Are you a movie buff? There are plenty of aspects about you as an individual that make you beautiful Now, lets bring them to the outside!

Solid colors are best. Avoid, at all cost, polka dots. We do not care how cute they look. If you like them buy a comforter for your bed with as many dots as you wish; just do not wear them. If you carry more weight on the bottom half of your body, let’s say you wish for a blue outfit. You will want to look for blue pants or a blue skirt in a dark blue color. Plus size clothing shopping tips suggests that the top should remain in the same color scheme; it should be a lighter blue. If you carry more weight on the top of your body, plus size apparel shopping tips suggests that you wear the darker blue on top and the lighter blue on the bottom. We also don’t care how adorable that horizontal striped sweater is: don’t even pick it up. If you are going to go for any clothes item that is not a solid color, you should only have vertical strips, the thinner the stripe the better and small prints. Large flowers all over your top will not look sleek!

Now to the mini skirt. We have a secret for you. Purchase black tights, not pantyhose, but tights and you should wear those in place of nylons. Top that with a skirt whose color makes sense with the black tights, such as a grey plaid, dark pink, just about any color as long as you follow the above rules. The second part of the secret is to wear heels. You do not and should not wear four inch heels. Keep them two to three inches high and definitely black so that they blend right into the color of the tights. Follow this plus size shopping clothing tips to look stunning great in any skirt, including mini skirts.