If You Are Praying for a Bargain: Wholesale Patron Saint Medals

Today those who treasure the chance to wear a medallion that bears the image of a revered saint, but who feel that they can not afford such an item have the opportunity to witness the realization of a long held dream. They can go online and seek out a web site that offers wholesale patron saint medals.

They might want to visit this website: www.patronsaintmedallions.com. Here customers can buy items in bulk, and thus take advantage of the site’s bargain prices. Here customers can order inexpensive oxidized medals. Those circular items, with a diameter of just ½ inch provide jewelry lovers with the perfect way to add to the contents of a bracelet of rosaries.

Wholesale Patron Saint Medals

In order to reduce the cost of ads, some web sites that offer wholesale patron saint medals have chosen to sponsor various contests. The site www.jewelryadviser.com/patron-saint-medals/ has elected to post information about a writing contest. The online information about that contest provides Internet users with a keener insight into the significance of a medallion that bears the image of a revered saint.

The fact that each entry should contain 350 words does not offer any clues as to the importance of the patron saint medal. However, the options available to those who enter this contest does reveal a good deal about how a strong believer in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church views the silver, gold and other medal items that bear the image of a saintly figure.

If they choose, those who enter this contest can compose an essay that focuses on just the Holy Spirit. In such an essay, they are asked to include the following words: power, teaching, worship, healing, what is, movement, receive, decent and about. If someone feels reluctant to tackle such a broad subject, he or she can consider writing about one of the alternative topics.

Silver Patron Saint Medals

They might, for example, want to compose a 350 word article about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In such a piece, they would need to explain what the Holy Spirit is, and what gifts one can obtain from that blessed spirit. Those who prefer to incorporate some personal thoughts and experiences into submitted piece might want to write about how the sacrament of confirmation relates to the subject of the Holy Spirit.

Submissions that address the subject of the Holy Spirit’s toungs or the Holy Spirit’s part in the sacrament of baptism are also welcomed by those who will judge the various entries. While the judges who read entries from those that tackle one of the alternative topics will not look for any specific words, they will certainly favor entries that point out the power and message of the various patron saint medals.

That power and that message give rise to two of the forces that motivate believers to go online and seek out wholesale patron saint medals. They know that by wearing such an object, they can feel like they are holding that power and that message a bit closer to their heart.

Source: http://www.anyreligiousjewelry.com/