How to Make an eBay Store Template

Many sellers are wondering how to make an eBay store template. Perhaps they want more individuality in their own listings, since it seems as if everyone is using the same eBay store. Alternatively, there could be a financial motive. A well-designed template could fetch a lot of money if sold to the right people. However, if a person does not know HTML, designing eBay templates could be quite difficult. This leaves them with two options. They could either hire someone to design a template for them, or they can create a template themselves with a bit of assistance. This assistance can come in the form of a software program or a preexisting template.

eBay Store Template

More options are available if a person learns how to make an eBay template through a software program. Of course, it is important to choose the right type of program. Specifically, this means getting a WYSIWYG-HTML editor. With this software, HTML elements are added through various icons. For instance, if a person wanted to add a table, they would select the appropriate icon and then drag and drop the table onto the screen. From that point forward, they could place text or graphics directly into a cell. No coding is necessary.

A person could also learn how to make an eBay store template through an existing eBay layout. This process begins by selecting a layout of interest. After that, one would manipulate the layout using the options available in eBay Stores. They could add images or change color. Things would then end with the final save. This is done by right-clicking and selecting “Save Page As.” A modern Windows computer should automatically save the file in HTML format. When the save is complete, the resulting file becomes a basic template. It can be further manipulated in a WYSIWYG-HTML editor if that is what a person wants to do.

In conclusion, learning how to make an eBay store template is not difficult. If a seller wants the most control, they should use a WYSIWYG-HTML editor. Through this program, they can create their own designs by dragging and dropping different elements. Otherwise, they are left with being forced to manipulate an existing eBay store layout. This is not to say that such a method does not have its advantages. It is quick and very easy to do. However, legally the seller may not be considered the original owner of the template. This could cause problems if they wanted to distribute it to others. For this reason, it is recommended to keep these templates for personal use only.