How To Buy Expensive Jewelry

Expensive jewelry can be easy to buy if you know what you are looking for and you know what you want. Some people buy expensive jewelry on the run as they are passing the jewelry store, and some fabulous bauble catches their eye. These are the people that can wind up spending a lot more than they had planned to spend. Some research and time spent looking up different pieces that may interest you may save you time and money when you go to a jewelry store. You will want to know what pieces you want to buy and how much they usually run.

Expensive Diamond Jewelry

Expensive Diamond Jewelry

Expensive jewelry today is very versatile. It can be bought to wear on the fingers, toes, wrist, in the ears, in the hair, in the nose, on the eyebrow, or around the ankle. However, expensive jewelry is just that – expensive. The price range may be right in your ballpark and way out of your league. A good way to prepare yourself before shopping is by doing your homework and finding out exactly what you want and where you can get it for the lowest price if possible.

Expensive Sapphire Jewelry

Expensive Sapphire Jewelry

Expensive jewelry can be made of gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. These pieces of expensive jewelry usually always come with semi-precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, amythests, pearls, and diamonds. There are several pieces that may interest you or your loved one. These include necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and anklets. The more ornate the piece of expensive jewelry is, the more it will cost. Some of the ornate pieces also have a fine detail that you will not find anywhere else.

Expensive Jewelry Necklaces

If you want to just throw some cash around, there are some sixty carat earrings that only cost around eight million. They are pear shaped and set in platinum. There is also a diamond and emerald necklace that runs around four million. There are at least 190 emeralds in this stunning piece and at least fifteen diamonds cut and shaped like a rose.

Expensive Pearl Earrings

Some expensive jewelry is bought so that the person can use it as an investment. Gold especially is a great investment because the price of gold is always going up for the most part. Silver and pieces with diamonds or other semi-precious stones are also a great investment because they never lose their original value. Most people will buy these pieces for an anniversary or birthday present. Men who have done a bad deed in their wife’s eyes may be purchasing some expensive jewelry for her. In fact, you may see him purchase several pieces.

Expensive Onyx Jewelry

Gold is the most popular of settings and has many different karats you can purchase. 10K means the piece is ten parts of gold and fourteen parts of other metals. It is usually 41% gold. 12K means it contains twelve parts gold and twelve parts of other metals.

Expensive Diamond Necklaces

These pieces are usually 50% gold. 14K means the piece is made up of fourteen parts gold and ten parts of other metals. These are known as 57% gold. 18K means the piece will contain eighteen parts gold and six other metals. These are 75% gold. The last one 24K is the only one known as pure gold.

Expensive Jewelry

So when you go out to buy a piece of expensive jewelry, make sure you know what piece you want and what price range you can afford. Expensive jewelry is nice, and most women will greatly appreciate you buying them a new set of earrings or a bracelet. Just find out their favorite stone and have it placed in a gold or silver setting.