Diamond Rings, Understanding Key Elements Before You Buy

Diamond rings are of course the most traditional way for a man to propose marriage to a woman; however diamond rings can and are given as gifts for many reasons. Diamond rings are very popular as anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and more. It should be noted that in many countries, a man should not give a diamond ring to a woman unless he plans on asking her to marry him, yes right then, or if they are already married. If not, the woman may get the wrong idea! Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a diamond ring should understand the key elements of diamonds.

3 Stone Diamond Ring

We all know diamond rings to clearly be the most beautiful. Elegant and classy way to show your love. The famous saying of “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” may not necessarily be true, but it reminds us all of just how important diamonds are to most females. It is tradition and custom that teach women that diamond rings symbolize love and caring, no woman should be afraid to admit how much she loves the idea of a diamond ring. Before purchasing diamond rings, customers should get acquainted with the main facts regarding diamonds and then delve a bit into the various cuts that are available.

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The name of diamond comes from the ancient Greek word that means invincible. This certainly was a perfect fit. The diamond is, by all scientist and geologist’s agreement, the hardest natural material found on Earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.

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Each year, over one million karats of diamond are minded; this adds up to over nine billion dollars. The diamond may be rare, but there are definitely enough to go around! Diamond rings have been around for many centuries. The use of diamonds in jewelry dates all the way back to the beginning of modern man.

You may wonder where diamond rings come from; the diamonds themselves are mined all over the world however almost half come from Africa. Other countries with major diamond mines are Canada, Brazil, Australia and Russia. Diamonds form very deep in the Earth and the diamonds are brought to the surface via volcanic pipes. It is deep within our Earth that the diamonds are subjected to intense pressure and hot temperature that allow them to form.

Three Stone Diamond Ring

Choosing diamond rings can be a big task, however it helps to understand the cut. Most diamonds are cut with an ideal cut; this means that a crafter will look closely at an individual diamond and decide which cut will best suit the diamond. The cut that is chosen will be the one that makes the diamond stand out, sparkle and look best.

Criss-Cross Diamond Ring

Round diamond rings are very popular, they come in at number one. Diamond rings with a round diamond are classic and elegant. Many feel that the round cuts shows exactly what the diamond looks like and it is easy to see the clarity and quality of the diamond with this elegant, straight forward cut.

Diamond rings can also be found with square or rectangle cut diamonds. An emerald cut diamond will be a square or rectangular one that has clipped corners so that the gem can be set perfectly in the ring. A diamond cut this way will really stand out and is a bit trendier than other cuts.

White Gold Emerald Ring

Oval diamonds are another type of diamond rings and many times an oval cut diamond will be accompanied with other gems, such as emeralds or rubies. Pear shaped diamonds are very classy; some women love this cut and find it unique. Although, one of the most unique cuts will be the marquise diamonds, a very fancy cut usually giving higher prices. With all cuts, one should be careful to avoid areas in the middle of the diamond that look shaded, this can happen if the cutting was done poorly.