Calypso Watch Review

Calypso watches are a new maker to the watch scene. Calypso watches originated in 1996, a creation of one of Spain’s largest watch makers. Festina S.A. originated the line of Calypso watches with a younger consumer in mind, one who wanted to stand out, catch eyes with their choice of wrist watch, and wear something a bit more sporty and stylish than that of the standard stainless steel watch. Calypso watches feature parts from several areas of the world, come in a multitude of colors, and are durable for years of wear, backed by a strong warranty.

Calypso Watches

The idea behind Calypso watches was to do something beyond the standard gold band watch, or even the silver stainless steel watch that so many watch makers these days create for consumers. In their quest to be different, most watch makers look at the face of the watch as a canvas. As a part of the competitors’ designs, many embed jewels in the watch, engrave designs across the face of it, or a combination.

Some, such as Fossil, even have other methods of standing out from their counterparts, such as a motion dial watch that changes scenery in the background. Calypso watches and Festina S.A. wanted an even different appeal—colored metal bands in the place of the standard silver stainless steel band that so many watchmakers choose as a part of their design. Calypso watches may be so inherently different too in what the watch is composed of- Swiss origins, a Spanish-owned company, and featuring Japanese movements as a part of the watch, this watch truly speaks of being worldly. Colored bands in various designs are a trademark of their watch design.

Watches are available for both men and women. Within the Calypso collection are seven different series for both men and women. Stylish designs with colors and patterns are a consistent theme throughout the entire series offered in the collection. Mens’ watches are featured in leather, as well as Chronographic watches with either leather or metal straps available. A line of fashion watches for men feature expandable bracelets to fit men of most any size.

The Outdoor series, created for both men and women, feature either canvas or nylon and Velcro bracelet parts as a part of the watch design, created for flexibility and maximum durability while outdoors or doing rugged activities that may damage a standard watch. The final series, named the Digital series, features both colorful rubber and nylon straps in the designs, sporting a futuristic and sleek look to the watch overall. Be it a man’s watch or a woman’s watch, all tend to feature colors, patterns, and unusual materials as a part of the design. Sometimes the face of the watch is simple, to be offset by the colors of the watch band; other times the face features a design as fresh and colorful as that of the band.

All watches, when purchased firsthand from the manufacturer or an approved seller, feature a two year warranty. Watches are extremely affordable in price, often less than a hundred dollars.