Buying Religious Jewelry, For A Gift Or Yourself

Buying religious jewelry for yourself or someone else can be a challenge. Many religions are conservative and it can be hard to find jewelry that fits both the person and the religion. Also, if purchasing it as a gift, what if you are buying jewelry for a religion that you are not familiar with? It is a good idea to do a little bit of research and also get some help from a knowledgeable jewelry store before purchasing anything. And there are the other typical factors to consider when buying any kind of jewelry: age, skin tone, personal taste, etc.

Buying religious jewelry can be a bit trickier than buying any other type of jewelry, espcially if it is intended to be a gift for someone else. Some thought and research should go into any purchase prior to buying, and of course it is important to know something about the person you are buying the jewelry for as well as the meaning of the piece of jewelry.

If you are buying jewelry for yourself, then the job is obviously much easier. The hardest part about buying religious jewelry for yourself is that it might be hard to decide what is tasteful and having someone accompany you on your shopping trip may be a good idea. Any purchase of religious jewelry should be kept on the small, tasteful, and conservative side. Earrings for females are a common purchase, and religious symbols such as a cross necklace are common for both genders. Cross shaped cufflinks are a common piece of jewelry purchased by older males to wear with a suit when going to church, as are tie pins. Whatever piece of jewelry you select for yourself, it should match well with other jewelry that you wear and mesh well with who you are. Jewelry is meant to be an accurate reflection of a person and unique to them, and religious jewelry should be just as true.

14K White Gold Diamond Cross

14K White Gold Diamond Cross

It is definitely more difficult to buy religious jewelry or attire for someone who you do not know extremely well. Or if you do not know a lot about their religion.

What you may do, but will give away the surprise of a gift, is tell them you were considering buying them something and simply ask if they have a preference in jewelry or a specific piece that would hold special meaning for them. This way you will have some direction in what to choose when buying religious jewelry. They can also help give you insight on what certain religious symbols may mean that you may not have otherwise known about.

But, if the gift is to be a surprise, then consider doing a little bit of research before going shopping. Many stores exist that cater to religious needs of people, and among the religious items they sell are jewelry. These types of stores are more popular in large metropolitan areas. If you cannot find a store of this nature to help you, inquire at a jewelry store if they have a special religious section and if they can help you decide on the perfect gift. But the internet can provide you with a wealth of information that a jewelry store clerk cannot. The internet, upon searching, can yield a wealth of information about any particular religion and its practices, including the tradition of symbols and jewelry or apparel wearing. After you have gained some insight into the religion and what is acceptable, consider the person themselves: their age, gender, and appearance. A piece of religious jewelry should be as appropriate as any other piece would be to the person. A smaller person might not look right wearing a large religious piece, or maybe bright yellow gold looks harsh when a soft white gold is more suitable. Perhaps the religion speaks strongly against flashiness and the only jewelry allowed is that created in a plain and simple fashion. These are all considerations. It may make buying religious jewelry seem daunting and not worth it.

However, the choice to buy religious jewelry for either a gift for another person or for yourself speaks strongly to a sense of individualism and expressionism. It is a subtle way to express beliefs and giving the gift of religious jewelry to another person shows your support for something they hold in high regard in their life. It may be one of the most heartfelt, meaningful expressions you ever extend, be it as a gift worn by someone else or something worn yourself.