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Christmas Shopping Tips

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Shopping to some of us is a tedious job that we do not like. For other’s it is thrill to go out into the crowds, people watch and take your time to see what each store has to offer. Shopping can be fun or torture. To those who hate shopping, the Christmas season is the […]

5 Tips for Sensible Holiday Shoppers

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Every year, Americans spend many months saving money for the holidays. From Christmas trees to holiday parties, and the countless number of gifts, it is easy to lose track of spending and unknowingly subject yourself to years’ worth of overwhelming credit card bills. This year, before you head out to the malls consider these 5 […]

Online Shopping Saving Tips

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Holiday season is just around the corner, have you started doing your gift shopping yet? If you are planning to do some online gift shopping this season, here are some tips might save you some money. Look for coupon offers from coupon sites such as,, before placing orders. You might find some […]

Now is the time to shop online

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By KEVIN CRUSH, SUN MEDIA If you’re looking for online bargains for Christmas gifts, you might want to wrap it up soon. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials are seeing a growing number of parcels being shipped from the United States into Canada, likely due to Canadians taking advantage of the higher dollar. It’s so […]